Penhaligon’s | House of Toys

Art Direction | Illustration | Packaging Design | Branding | Character Design | 3D Animation | Original Music & SFX

Presenting our magnum opus – Penhaligon’s House of Toys Christmas 2023 campaign!

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world we crafted, where characters come to life, and joy knows no bounds.

So proud to share with the world something that we first started work on in 2022! Really encapsulates some of our strengths as a studio: playful storytelling, beautiful animation, epic SFX & unforgettable characters.

We produced a full set of motion deliverables (hero film, multiple shorts & teasers – see below!) and packaging designs for the Xmas ’23 marketing roll-out.


A huge part of this project was to create and develop an ensemble cast to accompany Mr P through on his hero’s journey.

Our characters went from sketch all the way to lush final 3D versions you see in the full length video.

Campaign branding, Illustration and packaging design was also all done in-house at S&W.