KAV Sports | Portola Helmet | Launch Campaign

Concept | Graphic Design | 2D Animation | 3D Animation | Character Design | Original Music & SFX | Voiceover | Copywriting | Video Editing | Colour Grading

We partnered with the innovative KAV Sports from California to help with the launch of their brand new Portola helmet – a custom 3D-printed cycling helmet that offers individualised comfort and optimum safety for its wearers. 

For one of our biggest and most fun projects to date, we produced a variety of industry-disrupting videos, static ads, PoS designs, animations and more.

With this being mixed media we had to develop tonnes of work with so many iterations. Grading and editing supplied footage, design graphic overlays, 3D helmets… So for this case study we’ve shared not only the final deliverables but we’ve also got some R&D and stuff that ended up on the cutting floor, enjoy!

FUN FACT: The script we developed was voiced by the rapper Abdominal (check him out on Spotify – we really love his DJ format collab!)