Penhaligon’s | Toy Maker Stop Motion

Stop Motion Animation | Model Making | Editing | Grading

We teamed up with Oscar-winning design sculptor Debbie Smith and Emmy-winning creative director Richard Higgs on this short stop motion video project (part of the wider ‘House of Toy’s’ Xmas ‘23 campaign). Both have left their mark on Aardman productions, a company we’ve adored since childhood so to collaborate with them was awesome. 

What you’re seeing here is a short editorial, documenting the process, as well as the tow final shorts used for Penhaligon’s social campaign.

In an age of AI, diving into something as time-intensive as stop motion animation felt like a breath of fresh air. This is real hands-on craftsmanship, requiring physical manipulation of real-world objects frame by frame. The tactile nature and nostalgic charm have a timeless appeal and make it a beloved and enduring form of visual storytelling.