Red Bull | Train Like Trent

Video Editing | VFX | Colour Grading | Sound Design

When he’s not taking the p*ss on the pitch, football icon Trent Alexander-Arnold works with some huge global brands, in this case: Red Bull.

Working alongside iLoveDust, we created a campaign video to drive awareness for Red Bull’s Pro Hub: a place to learn from elite athletes and see their training tips. This project focused on the interactive game ‘Train Like Trent’. The incentive was the player could win a training session with Trent, once you entered your final score.

Through the Pro Hub, Trent and many other athletes share how they became a pro, how they fuel and train, and you can read stories of what drives their passion.

We love a bit of footie so it was fun to jump on this, happy with the result too. 1-0. Away from home. Class.